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IPL Supreme

IPL Supreme treatments tackle redness and brown spots on the face with little or no downtime. This is a non-invasive procedure that makes your face look more youthful by removing sun damage, signs of rosacea and reducing pores or acne spots. Although it's been around for over 10 years, it remains one of the most popular treatments due to its low downtime and effective results. Areas of treatment include face, neck, chest, hands, arms, legs and back.

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Many of our patients have already benefited from IPL. But since 2016, we have been offering IPL Supreme enabling medical parameter treatment of age spots, vascular lesions, fine rhytids, dermal thinning for women and men looking to improve the health of their skin. There is scientific, microscopic proof of improved skin health; a turning of the clock of 6 years following a treatment plan of 5 IPL treatments. IPL Supreme is an update driven by patient feedback and is part of our commitment to deliver the latest treatment updates with tried and true modalities.

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IPL is used to:

  • Decrease fine lines and wrinkles

  • Give skin a smoother texture

  • Lighten brown spots and even out facial pigmentation

  • Reduce facial redness and flushing

  • Decrease dilated and broken blood vessels

  • Minimize mild scars and small facial imperfections

  • Revitalize and rejuvenate skin


How does IPL Photo Rejuvenation work?

The flash lamp produces light which is carefully filtered before it reaches the skin. This ensures that only light of the correct wavelength is allowed to touch the skin. The light that is allowed through is the type that body substances respond to. Age spots contain a substance called melanin and blood vessels contain another substance called hemoglobin. When cells containing a lot of melanin or hemoglobin are hit with the right wavelength of laser light, they heat up and are destroyed.


The IPL Process

Most people need 5 treatments 3 weeks apart to achieve optimal results, although occasionally 3 is enough. Brown spots get slightly darker and then disappear, red vessels disappear or get lighter and smaller, skin will get smoother as new collagen is built up and pores tend to appear smaller. If you have rosacea, your redness and blood vessels will be reduced and facial flushing will occur less frequently and be less intense. A cooling gel is applied to soothe and protect the skin. Then a chilled hand piece is gently applied to the skin. Pulses of light are delivered which rejuvenate both the superficial and deeper skin layers. A full face treatment takes 30 minutes. 


Does IPL hurt?

No anesthetics are required and most patients describe it was a warming sensation. The lighter the skin, the less the discomfort. 


Any special precautions before and after IPL treatments?

Avoid sun tanning throughout your treatment or else the laser light will be absorbed by the melanin in the skin, making IPL more uncomfortable and less effective. Generally, no post-treatment is necessary after IPL but people with sensitive skin may benefit from applying an ice pack to the face immediately after treatment or applying an ointment prescribed by clinicians. It is also best to apply sunscreen of minimum SPF 20 for a few weeks after IPL treatment.


What can I expect after IPL?

You may notice that your skin looks a little “dirty” for a few days after the IPL treatment. After that your skin will look smoother and fresher.

"Once again, I want to compliment the staff and services offered at Sima Clinic. I just completed having the IPL and while I was very pleased with the overall outcome, my hands look incredible!! Not a single brown spot!!! Over the years I've had many procedures at Sima and continue to come back time after time. This is truly the only place to go!"

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