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Fat Dissolve using Lipolysis Injection

Woman before and after chin fat correcti

The permanent reduction of fat pads through lipolysis therapy for face and body contouring! The injection lipolysis is a gentle and effective method for the targeted removal of small fat deposits. This treatment option for bothersome problem areas has worked well for years. It is the gentlest way to eliminate fat pads and dimples without surgery, without anesthesia, without scars and without time off.

Description of the treatment


Removal of fat deposits without an operation!  We always begin with a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the fat deposits. The skin areas to be treated are marked and prepared with a local anaesthetic cream. After thorough disinfection, we inject the active substance in several small amounts spaced at 1-2 cm into the tissue under the skin using special ultrathin needles. This outpatient procedure takes 20 minutes and is almost pain-free.

You might feel some mild tingling and burning. The injection triggers the melting down of the fat deposit. The broken-down fat is transported away by the lymphatic system. It is an acceleration of the processes that take place naturally in the body. The melted-down fat cells are gone forever, like after liposuction.

It is very important for us to make the treatment pleasant and gentle. We give the tissue enough time to work with the medication and to shrink. According to our experience, the treatment should be repeated at intervals of 4-8 weeks. In general, depending on area and fat amount, one to four sessions (rarely more) are necessary for a visible and long-term success.

Treatment Areas

Basically, the injection lipolysis is suitable for the shaping and gentle tightening of various small problem areas. Liposuction should be considered for larger fat areas and skin folds thickness (fat thickness) of more than 5 cm. This substance can also be used for removal of benign fat tumours (lipomas). We look forward to advising you and helping you choose the right therapy.

The most common indications for shaping various problem areas:

  • Face: double chin, sagging cheeks

  • Breast: Bra fat in women, breast fat in men

  • Abdomen: fat deposits at the rib margin, area of lower abdominal and hips

  • Back: isolated fat deposits

  • Extremities: arms, upper inner thigh, knee

  • Lipomas

  • Treatment of cellulite

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I lose weight with the lipolysis injection? The lipolysis injection is not suitable for weight loss. It is designed to reduce fat deposits such as `double chin` or abdomen. 

  2. For which body areas is injection lipolysis particularly suitable? Areas with soft body fat in the face, inner side of the thigh and hip are ideal.

  3. How long do results last? The results are considered durable. If however you gain much weight, the contours of the treated area could change again.

  4. What is the main advantage of the injection lipolysis? The injection lipolysis gives good results in areas that cannot be reduced by diet or physical activity. No complex pre- or postoperative measures are necessary. Your ability to work and carry out your usual activities remains unaffected. After treatment of facial areas you may need to work with make-up or clothing if significant swelling develops.

  5. How do I decide which method is suitable for me? The main difference is that injection lipolysis is a non-surgical treatment method that involves no anesthesia, no incisions, and no scars. In contrast, liposuction allows the removal of much higher fat deposits. The results are visible immediately, not after 4-8 weeks like after lipolysis. In addition, lipolysis is an ideal treatment method after liposuction to remove remaining fat tissue and to tighten the surrounding skin.

  6. How many treatment sessions are necessary? In most cases, 1-4 sessions at intervals of 4-8 weeks will suffice.

  7. Is the cost covered by the health insurer? The injection lipolysis is considered aesthetic therapy and in most cases is not covered by health insurers. The patient must cover the cost.

  8. What do I have to pay attention to after the therapy? Drink plenty of fluid and do plenty of physical activity. High oxygen delivery during physical activity increases the metabolic rate and thus the breakdown of fat deposits. Have no sauna or massage for 3 days after the treatment. Expose the treated areas to sun only with good sun protection for 4 weeks.

  9. For who is the treatment not suitable? The treatment is not suitable and should not be performed under any circumstances for minors or children, pregnant women and lactating mothers.  

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