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Health & Safety Precautions

As of March 12, 2022, Washington State's mask requirement was lifted for many indoor places. And we know that many of you were looking forward to coming in for your next appointment mask-free. Unfortunately, in accordance with the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) and King County, masks continue to be required in some settings, including healthcare, long-term care, public transportation, and correctional facilities.


We thank you in advance for continuing to wear your mask to your appointment and at all times while in our practice, unless necessary to remove for your treatment or procedure. We will be sure to notify all of our patients once the mask requirement has been lifted for healthcare facilities!

Sima Clinic is focused on the health and safety of all our patients, staff, and surrounding communities. Our goal is to help reduce the coronavirus disease’s potential spread and impact. The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to the virus. We would like to make you aware of changes to our protocols and the health & safety precautions we have implemented.

Before your visit

  • The symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. As a precautionary measure, if you are experiencing these symptoms, we ask that you cancel and reschedule your appointment until you are clear of these symptoms.


  • Both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals are asked to stay at home if traveled by air, either domestically or internationally, within the last 14 days of their scheduled appointment.


  • If you have been sick anytime during the past 5 weeks before your scheduled visit, we ask that you reschedule your appointment.


  • If you are immune-suppressed because of medications, chemotherapy, or other chronic illnesses, we ask that you postpone your appointment.

During your visit

To encourage social distancing, minimize the number of people patients come into contact with, and reduce the amount of time patients spend within our clinic, we have implemented the following precautions:


  • When you arrive, you will still be delightfully greeted with a welcoming smile but just under our masks. 


  • Only patients being treated will be allowed inside the clinic. Friends, family, children, and pets will be asked to wait elsewhere.


  • Patients are required to wear face-covering (does not need to be a medical-grade mask) from home for their appointment, removing it only if necessary for treatment then replacing it as soon as treatment has concluded.


  • Patients will be asked to wait outside upon arrival, then call/text to check-in.


  • New patients are highly encouraged to fill out their new patient paperwork at home to speed up the check-in process upon arrival. 


  • Patients will be required to fill out a COVID-19 screening questionnaire upon arrival.


  • Patients will be screened with a no-contact thermometer. Anyone with a temperature greater than 99.1 F will be asked to return home.


  • After clearing screening, patients will be escorted directly to their treatment room.


  • Upon entering the treatment room, patients will be asked to perform proper hand hygiene, which may include the use of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or hand washing.


  • Any Brilliant Distinctions or Aspire Rewards must be redeemed before arrival at the clinic. If not prepared for immediate use at the time of checkout, patients will be asked to use their rewards/points at a subsequent visit.


New policies for our staff

We enforce the following policies with our staff to ensure patient safety:


  • Our staff is required to stay home if 1) They are exhibiting COVID-19 like symptoms, including fever, cough, anosmia, GI symptoms, or shortness of breath, 2) They are well but have a family member at home infected with COVID-19, 3) They have a temperature greater than 99.1 F.


  • Daily, mandatory temperature checks are performed for all staff. Anyone with a temperature greater than 99.1 F will be asked to return home and self-quarantine.


  • All staff working within close proximity of a patient (less than 6 feet) must wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including N95 or surgical masks, eye protection/face shield, and gloves during treatments, following OSHA and CDC guidelines. 


Other Precautions

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol are placed at the front desk, in each treatment room, and each work area.


  • Cleaning and disinfection of treatment rooms and high-touch surfaces are performed following each patient visit.


  • Routine cleaning and disinfection of all frequently touched surfaces throughout the clinic are performed.


We ask for your patience and cooperation by adhering to our new policies to safeguard you, other patients, our staff, and their families.

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