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Our Patients Share Their Success Stories

"I just came her for my first Lipotropic injection. The staff was friendly and Sima who is a nurse Practitioner, was very nice, very professional and forthright with information. She gave an excellent shot too!"


"Very professional and no canvassing to buy other products outside the Groupon deal.

Friendly and knowledgable staff."

"They are awesome! They know what they are doing and cater to your needs. It is a comfortable environment with prompt response to appointments."

"Wonderful staff, great clinic! I will definitely return for additional services"

"Not the most expensive and not the least expensive of cosmetic center but am very satisfied so far with results. Have done filler and Botox. Just tried bikini laser and love it. Feel Sima has been straight forward and not tried to push a sale. Office is professional and comfortable. Staff is great. (Woodinville is only office visited)"

"Really nice staff!"

"I can say with great certainty that Sima is one of the best medical and cosmetic clinics in the area. I’ve had both Sima and Tamala do several procedures over the years and most recently elected to have Liposonix. Although the procedure caused some pain, similar to Laser Hair Removal, in just 3 weeks I noticed a difference. I am certainly looking forward to the suggested 12 weeks, for my ultimate results. My plan is is to do my flank area next. Sima and her staff have always provided and maintained a comfortable and fun atmosphere. I trust their capabilities, knowledge and experience, and would refer any family member or friend without hesitation."

-- A.J.

 "I am thus far very pleased with the results from my Liposonix treatment. I was wearing a size 8 pant, and I am now happily shopping for size 6. My goal was to tuck in my shirts and t shirts without the saggy middle section, and I think I am headed toward that. I have a high pain tolerance and was surprised at the level of pain on my left side. Tamala explained it was hitting a nerve, and knowing that explanation helped. Once that nerve area was stimulated to that extent my entire abdomen area seemed hypersensitive. I rarely have anesthesia with dental work, have had eyelid surgery with no anesthesia, so I was very surprised at the level of pain associated with this. I do bruise easily, so the bruising did not surprise me. My most intense areas of bruising were midline abdominally and on each flank area. My bruises on the flanks were approx 1 -2 inches in diameter. Midline was top to bottom about 1/2 inch wide. The flank areas are still tender to touch after approx two weeks. I can visually see results already and as I said I am comfortably fitting into the size six pants already. I am planning on having the lower abd area done next. 


Thank you Sima and Tamala again for providing this option for some body sculpting."   
-- Leslie

"I have had Botox here twice and I absolutely love this special little gem in Woodinville. Sima was so gentle with the needle I did not flinch at all. This is huge in my book I hate, yes I know they are super small needles, but I hate shots of any kind. Sima is very confident in what she does in a very good way. I knew I was in very capable hands. I think she said 25 years!

I took my daughter age 11 to Sima this week for a derm appointment. She was very helpful in explaining to my daughter the importance of good skin care and SPF. She was a hit with my daughter too."

-- Regina

"My visit to Sima Medical and Cosmetic Clinic was for Zerona treatments and HCG. I want to share my personal results, because the impact on my health and well being has been nothing short of dramatic. First let me say that working with the entire staff has been a pleasurable experience. They have all been knowledgeable, competent, friendly and very helpful. Sima has made a point to come by and encourage me all along the way, in addition to the first rate treatment I have received from the entire staff. As a man getting treatment in a predominantly women's arena, this has been very nice.

I have not yet completed my treatments as of this writing, but in just my first two weeks of Zerona treatments I have lost a total of 9 1/2 inches of body fat! 4 1/2 inches of that came directly from my waist. I am wearing clothes I have not taken out of my closet in years, and I am feeling great. But that is not even the best part. In combination with HCG, in my first two weeks I have lost 16 pounds. Since HCG targets visceral fat, that internal fat surrounding vital organs, I have experienced the best result of all- my blood pressure has come down from a dangerous 150/100 (it has spiked as high as 170/105) to an average of 120/84!

I won't lie- the HCG program is stringent, and I am certain my results have come because I have followed the program strictly. But Sima and her staff have been so incredibly encouraging to me all along the way, and it truly has not been difficult to follow the rules as a result of their support. Benefits to me include increased flexibility, easier breathing, lower blood pressure and a general satisfaction when I look in the mirror. My girl friend does not know I have been on this program. I can't wait to see her reaction when we are together again next month!

I recommend this program in particular to men. The overall health implications are huge, and the increase in quality of life has been amazing to me. Keep up the good work, Sima Clinic! " 

-- Robert

"I had my lips tattooed 10 years ago and loved it. I looked around and found a Groupon and with some reservations went to Sima Medical Clinic in Woodinville. Tamala was my tattoo artist and an hour later I Ieft very happy with my reservations put aside. Three weeks later I went back for a touch up and Tamala asked what I thought about my lips. She was very open with me and even added some of her thoughts. Tamala has a wonderful bed side manner and my lips are perfect."

-- Teresa

"Sima has been wonderful in giving advice and information on beauty as well as health. Sima recommended the HCG program to me which changed my life. She has also taken care of some very sensitive health issues for me and was extremely caring. I appreciate the attention to detail. I am not just another quick appointment here. Sima is on top of it with her patients. Thank you everyone in the office. You are truly great!"

-- Christel

"Sima Medical & Cosmetic Clinic is by far the best clinic I have ever been to. Both the Woodinville and Madison Park locations are attractive, clean, and the staff are very pleasant. I've had a few different procedures done with them and they're terrific! They do a great job of explaining how a process works, what results I can expect, and when.

The clinic is the ONLY place I will ever go to for continued botox and other treatments!"

-- Susan

"I cannot agree more with the other reviewers. Sima is wonderful and her clinic is a lovely place. I had Sclerotherapy (spider veins) with Sima and she could not have been more caring. She explained everything to me, made sure I understood what was to come and what to expect after wards. The procedure was easygoing and I was even able to watch as several disappeared immediately! It felt like visiting a friend and not a medical office. I cannot recommend them highly enough!"

-- Moira

"I had some medium-sized cists that were growing on my head removed at Sima Medical & Cosmetic Clinic in Madison Park. Parl, Scar and Blood free!! Not to mention painless. Sima did a great job explaining to me how things were to proceed and the whole experience was very professional. I love the time and care shown by the staff and how you are not just ushered in and out. This is truly a cozy and cute little clinic. Now when I comb my hair I definitely don't have to worry about hitting a rough patch!"

-- Daniel

"I went in as I was struggling with sever cystic acne. I saw Sima and she spent quite a long time explaining how my particular acne may have been caused by hormones. I left with a game plan and a few prescriptions. I had my follow-up with her 6 weeks later, and by then, my acne was under control. I started seeing her for laser hair removal (her prices are the best and she has cutting edge equipment). My 13 year old daughter developed acne and Sima created a custom game plan with her….she is now acne free!!!!

I will be scheduling my first annual mole check with Sima (did not even know about this important service that everyone should get). Love, love, love this place!!!

  • Pros: Superb Ambiance & Expert Medical Staff
  • Cons: can't think of a single one!!! "

-- Chocolate Blonde

"My face felt like old cowboy boots after a cold, wet, Seattle day. My body felt as stiff as that dried up gum stuck under an old classroom table. Yeah, you know the stuff I’m talking about. These symptoms could only be described as post vacation blues and jet lag to boot. Having stepped off a 24 flying adventure from Thailand, what’s a girl to do other than wallow in the misery of having returned to Seattle from a magical vacation? Go on a spa-cation!

My little hidden neighborhood gem, Sima Clinic is just what the doctor ordered. That provider is Sima Rafii and her focus at the clinic is anti-aging, dermatology and wellness. Specializing in medical wellness including cancer screenings, microdermabrasion, and photofacials, Sima gets your face and body out of the gutter and into the limelight. Sima will get you pumped and ready to go with all kinds of little killer fillers including every woman’s little secret, Botox. So take your cute little mug and get it and make it smile smile smile. Did someone say Botox party? "

 -- Lauren

"This is the best cosmetic clinic ever. It is modern and very clean. All of the ladies in the office are wonderful. Sima was great walking through procedures and effects. She was very detailed in explaining laser hair removal. There were no unanswered questions at the end of the consultation. She clarified everything for me. The machine that is used for the hair removal in the office is great. There is no pain. It is a lot less painful than waxing. And the results after the first session were impressive. I would definitely recommend this office to all of my friends. The results are fantastic."

-- Jen

"I have been to the Sima Medical & Cosmetic Clinic in Woodinville and it not only has a warm inviting feeling, but the people there make u feel very welcomed and make you want to go back again. Before being recommended to go this place I went to 2 doctors during the course of 3 weeks due to a some bumps on my arm which was very itchy. The doctor first diagnosed this as scabies. She put me on some medications to get rid of it, but it just got worse and worse and started spreading more. I was in much shock and went to another doctor to get another opinion and the other doctor said is was scabies too and gave me more meds for it. After 3 weeks of much irritation and itchiness I had to go back to the fist doctor for her to see how bad it was getting. She referred me to go to Sima's Clinic. I called in immediately and they were able to give me an appt the next day. I went in and Sima Rafii had seen me. She is soo awesome! She diagnosed the problem right away and it turned out to be eczema. She didn't even need to run any test on me or anything she was able to tell just by looking at it. She was able to put me on the right meds to get it treated right away. My arm has healed so well Thanks to Sima! She is soo great! I highly recommend anyone with any skin irritations to go see her, probably before even going to a doctor and spending all that money.Thanks again Sima for your help in making me feel better!"

-- Diane

"Both my wife and I have had numerous occasions to consult with Sima. She is absolutely terrific!! Recently, Sima coached us through the HCG Diet Program and we were just thrilled with the process and with the results. We used the sublingual drops and found this process to be very satisfactory. And...here is the most wonderful part of it..... over 21 days, I lost 20 pounds of evenly distributed weight loss and my dear wife lost 21 pounds over a 30 day period. No starving and no side-effects. The diet requires discipline but is not particularly onerous. We ate satisfactory meals throughout our 21-30 day phase two program and then enjoyed very satisfactory and varied meals during our phase three period. And, this is the true clincher....both of us found that we were able to continue our sensible eating program and weight control without stress or difficulty. This is quite remarkable in view of having had poor, long-term results with Weight Watchers, Atkins and South Beach."

-- John

"I came to Sima Clinic to get a chemical peel. I was impressed with how much information I was given on what to expect, before and after, the peel. I was able to try some of the products offered but did not feel pressured to purchase any. While getting the chemical peel, I was told, step by step, what was happening and what to expect. Some of the chemicals smell really awful and I appreciated knowing that before hand. I have been peeling for a few days now and feel fine. I will probably go back for additional peels and take advantage of other services here..." :)

-- Rachel

"Sima is professional and thorough. I initially went to the Seattle location for a growth on my neck which had been previously "cryo'd" at a Kirkland Dermatologist's office. Someone had recommended Sima to me but when I called Kirkland they said she had moved to her own office and I decided Seattle was too far for me so I went to the Kirkland office. Disappointing to say the least. When the growth didn't go away I decided to find Sima and I saw her at her clinic. She removed and biopsied the growth which made me feel confident in my choice. The growth was successfully gone and benign. I then signed up for laser hair removal. I have waxed my legs and arms and bikini area for years. I always hated the waiting period in between hair growth and waxing. I decided to take the plunge ( yes it is costly but Sima was offering a discount of 15% off retail) So, I laser'd my full legs, bikini and underarm area as well as chin, lip, neck areas. I have been very pleased. The follow up appointments were part of the package. To date I've had 5 or 6 treatments- I can't recall but after the first laser I had fabulous results. I can now put on shorts without worrying about shaving or waxing- God what did I do before this?? The woman who did the service was fantastic but is no longer working at Sima's but I've had follow up treatments with Sima, the owner and have been very pleased with her technique as well. The office staff is friendly, both locations comfortably decorated, service is great and Sima is a knowledgeable professional and very nice on top of all that. Highly recommend Sima Medical & Cosmetic Center."

-- Helen

"Once again, I want to compliment the staff and services offered at Sima Clinic. I just completed having the IPL and while I was very pleased with the overall outcome, my hands look incredible!! Not a single brown spot!!! Over the years I've had many procedures at Sima and continue to come back time after time. This is truly the only place to go!"

-- Janet